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Arizona Care Advocates

​​  ​​​​​​​​​​​​                                           Arizona Care Advocates is owned and operated by Debra McPherson,  a Registered Nurse with the State of Arizona, aa Advanced Professional with Aging Life Care Professional with the Aging Life Care Association, ​ a Court Appointed Investigator and a Licensed Fiduciary.  All of which require advanced education, experience, screening, background checks, bonding, insurance, continuing education and testing for qualifications and Certification and Licensing requisites.  Ms. McPherson has been a Registered Nurse since 1997, working as a hospital floor nurse in a medical-surgical unit specializing in Geriatrics before coming to Tucson, where she has been a Care Manager since 2004.  Ms. McPherson started Arizona Care Advocates, PC in February of 2011.  Ms. McPherson is also a member of the Aging Life Care Association, Case Management Society of AmericaArizona Fiduciaries Association,  National Guardianship Association and Arizona Nurses Association.

                         Ms. McPherson was selected one of "Tucson's Fabulous Fifty Nurses" for 2010.

We are proud to be a team of experienced professionals.

Michele Shaw, Director of Care Management
Ms. Shaw is a native Tucsonan. Ms. Shaw has been with Arizona Care Advocates since November of 2012 .  Ms. Shaw is instrumental in providing the exceptional care our clients receive.  Ms. Shaw began working with the elder community after working for an medical Insurance company processing insurance eligibility for seven years.  Ms. Shaw studied at Pima Community College where received her Patient Care Technician and Certified Nursing Assistant certificates in 2006.  Ms. Shaw's skills in  communication, and collaborative problem solving makes her especially valuable to our clients and their families. Ms. Shaw demonstrates exemplary care and compassion.  Ms. Shaw is a vital part of the Arizona Care Advocates team.

Debbie Phelps, LPN
Ms. Phelps is an LPN, who started her healthcare career as a Medical Assistant and Certified Nursing Assistant.  In addition to her nursing background, Ms. Phelps has a BA in Nutrition.  Ms. Phelps is an excellent Care Manager, utilizing her skills and expertise for the health and well being of our clients and families.  Since September of 2013, Arizona Care Advocates is privileged to have Ms. Phelps as such an integral part of our team.

Arizona Care Advocates bring compassion, education, knowledge and expertise to our practice.  Arizona Care Advocates work with various agencies, professionals, Physician's and other service providers to obtain appropriate assistance and provide the best and most timely, care available.

Arizona Care Advocates is committed to assisting clients and their families with all their Care Management, Patient Care Advocay and Licensed Fiduciary needs.  Arizona Care Advocates has the resources and expertise to address all your needs and provide peace of mind while maintaining the highest quality of life.

Call: (520) 302-8962

Fax: (520) 908-0650

Email: info@arizonacareadvocates.com

We are happy to provide references regarding the quality of our services.  Most of our business comes from referrals. This is because of the excellent service we provide.  Below, you can read actual comments as they were submitted.

Thank you for your help with my mother...Everything sounds great, I am so happy for her, I think she is comfortable and happy, you have done and do such a wonderful job for her, thank you it is such a relief...

​- Carol R.

Dear Debra,

Thank you for accompanying my brother to his physician appointment...you are an important part of this team...I am glad to know he is in good hands.

- Dr P. R.

My family has been very pleased with the services and support my parents have been receiving from Debra McPherson...

When we first met with Debra...she won us over and we hired her on the spot.  We are ever so happy we did.  Initially, our concern was my father, who was in an extremely weakened state... However, interestingly, when she came to evaluate both of my parents, Debra indicated she was concerned about my mother.  I didn’t perceive anything as being wrong, but, low and behold, two days later, my Mom landed in the hospital.  I don’t know what Debra picked up on in the two short visits with my parents, but somehow, she recognized that my Mom was also unwell.

​As I said, when we met with her, it was my father’s condition which concerned me.  In his state of health at that time, he needed in-home care and the doctor’s office indicated that they were arranging for it, but I hadn’t heard from anyone for two days after we met with the doctor. (This was prior to meeting with and hiring Debra.)  When we hired her, Debra took charge immediately.  Within hours of my parents signing forms giving her access to their health records, she had visited their primary doctor and Dad’s oncologist, and had contacted the home health agency with which the oncologist’s office had placed orders for care of my Dad, and I heard from someone from the home health agency that same day we met with Debra.

​Since then, there has been a whole series of problems and needs that Debra has responded to and taken charge of for both of my parents: two instances of my mother being taken by ambulance to the hospital; three separate nursing/assisted living facility stays for her; coordination of home health aides needed by my father, and coordination of his placement in assisted living.  Throughout, she has been immediately accessible by phone (even after hours and on weekends), has made regular visits to their home or to the hospital or facilities they were in, has always met with doctors and care givers and intervened appropriately on their behalf.  (In fact, during my mom’s first hospital stay, she had contracted..., which likely would have gone undiagnosed and untreated without Debra’s insistence on having them test for it.)  She is always mindful of their financial limits and concerns... And, we (the family) always get reports and updates from her.

​If it weren’t for Debra’s competence and the comprehensive and conscientious care she has been providing, my nerves would be completely frazzled by now.  Instead, she has been there – always – for all of my parents’ needs.  I just can’t say enough good things about her.  I imagine you know how wonderful she is, but I think employers always welcome good words about their employees.  You have one who is golden!


- Suzy C.


Dear Debra,

Thank you for being there for my mother...I don't know what we would do without you checking on her...

- Hugh P

Just a quick, but sincere note to let you know that working with Debra McPherson recently was the most supportive and rewarding experience I've had with ...case management in the near 15 years I've been operating Assisted Living Homes in Tucson... Debra's quick assessment talents, coordination skills and advocacy experience truly protected...his medical and psychological interests concurrent with the interests of my other vulnerable elder folks....Undoubtedly, without Debra's support and expertise, I'm not sure I would have made it through one of the most trying weeks I've ever had in this business...

​- Jill A.