Care Management
Patient Care Advocacy
Licensed Fiduciary Services

Have you ever wished you knew an experienced, professional Registered Nurse
you could call on to act as your Advocate and Healthcare partner?  

Have you ever needed a Certified Geriatric Care Manager you could
call on in the midst of a crisis to provide knowledgeable direction and support?

Have you ever wanted a trusted Licensed Fiduciary you could call on to 
discuss legal needs and financial issues?    

Welcome to Arizona Care Advocates!

We provide professional Care Management, Patient Care Advocacy, and Licensed Fiduciary Services to older adults and their families, as well as to those with cognitive impairment, physical, or developmental disabilities.  We are currently serving the Tucson area, including Oro Valley and Green Valley.

Our Goal is to enable clients to continue living in their homes and familiar communities happily, independently, and safely.
Our Mission is to improve the Quality of Life for our clients while providing peace of mind to family and loved ones.

At Arizona Care Advocates services are provided by a Registered Nurse certified in Geriatric Care Management with the knowledge of resources and answers to your questions. We also offer the services of a Licensed Fiduciary with the Supreme Court of Arizona who you can trust to assist with legal concerns and financial needs.

Caring for a loved one who is experiencing acute or chronic difficulties can be a demanding and stressful experience.  Long distance care can be overwhelming. We are the 
"Professional Relative" that serves as the eyes, ears and hands for those who would benefit from assistance in providing the best and most appropriate care for their loved one.  At Arizona Care Advocates we share your concerns, offer support, education, advocacy and peace of mind.  

Trying to navigate today's complex health care system is daunting--many people realize they need an Advocate to look out for the best interests of themselves and their loved ones.  We are the 
"Hub of the wheel", communicating with all physicians, nurses, social workers, service providers and family members to ensure understanding and highest quality of care.  We accompany clients to their physician appointments to ensure that all questions are answered and appropriate and timely care is provided.  In the hospital, we work with the Interdisciplinary team to ensure the best possible care is being offered and provided.

Managing activities of daily living can become difficult during times of  physical or mental impairment. We are the "General Contractor" assessing for needs, making recommendations, screening, arranging and monitoring for home care, transportation, companionship or other services.  Assistance can be for short term or long term needs.

Arizona Care Advocates provide practical solutions to your health care needs by offering:

Arizona Care Advocates

​​* Comprehensive health care Assessment and Planning
* Medication Management
* Advocacy at physician appointments
* Hospital Advocacy
* Coordination of resources and care
* Monitoring of services and providers
* Crisis prevention and intervention
* Communication between family members and health care providers
* Education and assistance with understanding and adherence
* Guidance with health care needs
* Arranging and monitoring Home Care and Companion services
* Review of insurance and financial sources
* Healthcare Power of Attorney and Fiduciary services 
* Assistance with bill pay
* Advocacy to ensure comprehensive treatment of illness or disease
* Assessments  on an ongoing basis for changes in health or mental status
* Phone liaison and safety checks

If your needs are not listed, please call or email to inquire how we may be of assistance to you.
For more information call 520-302-8962, fax 520-908-0650 or email