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Initial phone consultation is FREE.  This will allow you to determine if the services we offer are appropriate and can meet your needs.  Care Management can be short term, long term or on a 'as needed' basis.

Care Management starts with a Comprehensive Assessment, identifying any needs and problems.  Screenings for specific health risks including falls, nutritional compromise, dementia, depression, and medication management are performed.  Medical diagnosis and treatment plan are reviewed. A Plan of Care is devised to address those needs and problem areas.  The Plan of Care provides proposed goals and interventions, and is reviewed and revised as needed.

Based on the findings a plan is made regarding a schedule for home visits and telephone contacts. We also offer one time Assessments including a Plan of Care and recommendations.

We offer Medication Management, assisting with medication set up and monitoring for adherence and any adverse side effects.  Polypharmacy, duplicate prescriptions and medication errors are avoided.  We monitor health and mental status on an ongoing basis.  Having medication set up and monitored ensures the client is receiving the appropriate ordered medication at the right time.

We assess for changes in a clients health or mental status and provide the direction to address the need for lab work, x-ray's, diagnostic tests, physician visit or urgent care.   We can arrange and monitor those services, and explain the procedure and results in plain English. Often, hospitalizations and crisis are avoided if symptoms are noted and addressed quickly.

We screen, arrange and monitor Home Care services, communicating with the caregivers and providing direction and oversight.  We assist with obtaining services such as Meals on Wheels, transportation and community resources.  We screen, arrange and monitor services such as housekeeping, landscape or home repair.

​Advocacy services provide support with the maze of today's health care system, empowering the client to make informed decisions and receive improved care.

We attend  physician appointments and act as an Advocate to ensure all questions and concerns are addressed, and that the client understands and is in agreement with treatment options, orders and referrals.

We coordinate care with all physicians and service providers, ensuring all are aware of any changes in health or mental status. By being involved with all stages of the clients health care, we ensure that the client is getting the most appropriate and effective treatment for their needs.

We act as an Advocate during hospital stays, communicating with physicians, nurses, social workers and discharge planners to ensure that all care needs are met.  We assist with discharge and arrange for home care services if needed. Having an Advocate ensures all the clients needs are met and appropriate care is being offered and provided.

We communicate with family members, and act as a liaison between family, physicians and service providers which promotes understanding and agreement with the treatment plan. As the liaison for family members we utilize phone, email, internet, and fax to ensure up-to-date information. At Arizona Care Advocates the peace of mind of our clients and their loved ones are a top priority.

Fiduciary services are provided, including serving as a Guardian, Conservator, Health Care and Mental Health Care Power of Attorney and Personal Representative when desired.

We review with the client the need for legal services and work with Elder Law Attorneys to meet those needs.  Often there are needs for Advance Directives or Living Wills, having a Licensed Fiduciary to advocate for those needs is important.

We assist with bill pay and financial management.  When a crisis occurs, to have someone you can trust, who is licensed, bonded and insured with the Supreme Court of Arizona is invaluable.

 Whatever your needs we have the experience, knowledge and expertise to help.